Hello lovely’s! 

Name: Allison or Allie Or Al or any other variation. 

Age: 20

Location: Oregon, US

Likes: Reading (Harry Potter, TMI, Ellen Hopkins, Young adult), Youtubers( GMM, Vsauce, Whatthebuckshow),stickers, pens, art, painting, Netflix, Doctor Who, Star Trek,Supernatural, Dexter, lowers, Lions, Cats, Sleep, nail art, Ed Sheeran, and so much more! 

Dislikes: Spiders, Snakes, mornings, Judgmental people, and the likes. 

Looking for: I’d prefer someone from the US but I’m open to elsewhere if we get on well, ages 18-25, any gender or sexuality, someone open minded and likes some of the same stuff. :3


Random fact: I watch random playlists on YouTube to fall asleep. x3 Stuff like Danger Dolan or Vsauce. 

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