Looking to just connect with some people around the world


Hi! I’m Melanie. I live in California, US. I’m 19 and an English Lit student. 

I’ve just finished my first year of college – and am soon onto my 2nd. I have a serious love for handwritten letters and that simple and kind-of romantic form of communication. 

Likes: I love music – I’m open to a lot of different genres. I love reading and writing and books, of course. I’m also a huge movie geek, and I try to watch a lot of new movies of shows just every week. 

Dislikes: Closed minds, any sort of prejudice or -phobia. 

I’m looking to just connect with some people around the world, preferably through snailmail, but email is fine too. I’m super broke at the moment, but I’d love to send packages as well, when I can reasonably afford it. I’m absolutely not picky about gender or orientation or location, just as long as you’re interested in consistent PenPal-ing.

Contact thegivingtreekeptitall.tumblr.com/ 

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