Hello Sunshine!


Well my name is August and ill be 18 in August! I’m from the states 🙂

I typed this at 3:30 a.m. so sorry if it has errors

Looking for an internet friend since on here i am much more bubbly and open where as in the real world i am very shy and anxious and introverted. 

Anyways um i’m a massive weirdo, my favorite crap is food (pizza) binge watching tv and reading i also love photography and singing even though i am a terrible singer also i’m kinda obsessed with Disney! I love tumblr and you tubers!

Tv favs- doctor who, castle, Sherlock,supernatural, teen wolf (guilty pleasure) the munsters Family guy Naruto black butler , attack on titan, inuyasha. etc. (sorry just looked at my Netflix

Movie Favs- M.I.B., most animated movies, lol comedies, Hook, the Adams family, practical magic etc.One thing to know bout me is that i am very optimistic and light hearted i don’t like to take things to seriously and i have a really weird sense of humor! i love laugh and so if you do to the we will have lots of fun!! hope to meet some cool people!!  

My tumblr username- Littlemissaugust 

Instagrahm- littlemissaugustxo


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