Hi! I’m Kallon, 19 years old from Ontario, Canada! 

I’m looking for someone 18+ because as I was recently and unfortunately informed by my birth certificate, I am in fact an adult! Any gender/sexuality, does not matter to me. Mostly into having an email/skype/social media buddy (as being a college student take a tole on the ol bank account) but I would love to occasionally send letters and packages!

A bit about me: I’ve been a hairstylist for 2 years now but I’m now going to school for visual merchandising. I love comedy, My favourite shows are Parks and Rec, Brooklyn nine-nine, and Scrubs. Also I enjoy good quality stand up comedy. Reading is cool too,if it’s well written and interesting I will enjoy it (I’m not the best writer myself so i live through the authors). If you’re looking for other conversation starters you can never go wrong with Mermaids, Aliens, Ancient Egypt, Pictures of your pets, or talking about travel! Honestly as long as you’re not a jerk I’m sure we will get along 

You can reach me at my tumblr
Or my email kallonsp @ Hotmail. com

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