Name: Hannah (or Han)
Age: 22
Location: NH, USA

Likes: I love being outside, reading (some of my favorite books are Into the Wild, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Deadline), watching movies and music! (Pearl Jam, Creed, The Head and The Heart, City and Colour, blah blah) I love writing! I actually just finished writing my first book, I’m in the process of finding a publisher. I’m very into all natural things (organic, recycled etc). I don’t eat meat. I’m obsessed with tea and coffee. I love travel. I want to learn about every place there is to know about. I’d love to learn another language (french maybe?). 

I don’t think I really dislike anything. Just be polite, and be true to yourself and we’ll get along!

Just so you know a little about me: I work as a DSP, a direct support professional. I take care of severely disabled people (my clients have traumatic brain injuries and are completely dependent). I actually live at my work, so I’m kind of always working. A couple months ago I moved 9 hours away from where I grew up. I packed everything I had into two duffel bags, got on a bus and 12 hours later I ended up in an entirely new place and ended up dating my best friend! I am so entirely lucky 🙂

I don’t care what gender you are, but I would like someone over 18. I would love to find someone from abroad (France, Russia, Iceland, Germany, Italy etc) I plan on traveling in a few years and I think it would be awesome to learn about these places from someone who actually lives there. If you’re interested I could help you with English and you could help me with whatever language you speak. We can send cute things to each other, post cards, little trinkets here and there if you’d like. If you want to start off as email buddies, that’s okay too! But I would love to have a snail mail buddy.

If you don’t want to be my pen pal but want to send me a book suggestion that would be cool too! 

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