Hi idk how to even start this but i wish i could live in the past. I’m Addie and I want letters with expensive perfume draped all over the handwriting i want flowers inside with stickers and i want poetries inside the envelopes and mostly i want pretty poetic letters to look back at. I want that shit.

I dont ask for much but if you want to know me better, I’m 17 on august i live in indonesia (the pic was taken when i was in miami, florida) and i write fictions, journals, poetries, lyrics and i also play guitar and looking forward to be in a pop punk band because i love bands but i also listen to every kinds of music because i love music. But if you want more specific answer to that, I’ve been loving joy division, the smiths/morrissey, nirvana, elvis costello (his songs omg) and i love love ed sheeran’s work.

I watch comedies, philosophy, romantic movies (im a hopeless romantic and ought to think my love story has to be like nicholas sparks books) and i watch ahs and bates motel bc why not.

A highly sarcastic person, just a simple warning.

I used to be a professional fangirl of one direction and 5sos but i don’t know if I’m still as crazy as i used to be.

I love food and my dog, im an ambitious person AND the most imaginative person to ever existed. I can be called as a hard worker. And im a Catholic.

Im sorry with the sudden lowercase to uppercase letters its 2am and im a lazy bum and i kinda just need someone to write to.

Kik : addie.kr

Instagram : @adishakristy_ (locked, send a request!:))
Email : adiscuma1@yahoo.com

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