I´m Michaela, 19- years old girl from a country you probably never heard of (The Czech republic) and well, as you can guess I´m looking for someone who will exchange letters with me. (in fact, I´m so obsessed with writing letters I even snail mail with my classmate – who sits right next to me every day.=D)

I love books ( and I am just finishing my studies to become a librarian), learning new stuff about lgbtqia+ comunity, women rights and human rights in general (so I´m going to continue with my studies at uni with gender studies), writing fairytales & poems in English, dreaming about living in Canada as soon as possible (if there´s anyone from Canada, please, talk to me. I´d probably pay you to get letters from Canada.=D Kidding. Or not.=DD), listening to music noone knows, traveling by train (deep down I´m pretty sure I was a hobo in past life), drinking tea, eating marshmallows and Oreos, eating anything good…, talking to cats and watching TV shows. Which seens to be so ordinary at tumblr but not at all in real life.=D

I speak English, Czech and German (but in fact I only learn German cos I want to read Rilke´s poems in original). I´d love to write and send packeges with anyone. Anyone, who´s not sexist, homophobic, racist ect. Just decent human beings, please.=)

My email adress is michaela.radova.09@gmail.com, so if you´d like me to be your next penpal, just drop a little something about you there.=))

Love always,


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