hey hey!

im jasmine, ive just had my 19th birthday and im from melbourne australia!

i love to read books and i absolutely adore history. i don’t go clubbing so instead i like to go to mosh pit concerts to see local bands do their thing 🙂 Tim Burton is my all time fave and im obsessed with all his films, the nightmare before Christmas being my personal pick.

i like to think that being healthy is a big part of my life and i love getting creativ with my food!

i don’t think judging a person based on their religion is important but if it is to you, i am Muslim.

id love to meet someone on here from the UK as ive wanted to travel there for a very long time and would love some first hand experience on site seeing! would be great if you were 19+ as i feel wed have more in common! and id preferably like to write & receive mailed letters rather than email 🙂 if interested, hit me up namelessjasmine.tumblr.com

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