pen pall/ texting friend/ Skype buddy/ whatever else work idk


Yo! My name is caleb, I’m 18, and i live in Eugene, Oregon (USA), but near the end of September i will  be moving to portland for Art School. 

I Spend most of my time working on weird and different art projects, sometimes with friends but mostly by myself. I just graduated from high school and now i have nothing to do so i decided i should get a pen pal. 

Also if you wanted to text and Skype and all that jazz then that would be cool. I don’t really care what your gender is I’m just looking for somebody between the ages of 16 to 21. I’m looking for somebody that likes to talk about all kinds of things from weird nonsence to deep conversations to just listening to me complain (and yeah you can also complain as much as you want too!) Also ide like if you lived in the united states just because i don’t have enough money to send letters internationally. 

You should know that if you want to be my pen pall, i am not the best speller so don’t be my pen  pall if thats going to make you mad. 

A random fact about me is that i have a secret passion for watching trains. 

if you interested then you can contact me through tumblr,

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