Hi, my name’s Adrianna, I’m 16, and from the U.S. Midwest. 

I love photography, video games (I’m a huge gamer), adventuring, journaling, reading, movies, music, and hiking. I’m interested in various sciences and history, as well as different arts. I’m totally willing to talk about anything though. Oh, and I also love branding and product design!

My perfect penpal would probably be someone from around 15 to 17, though it doesn’t matter where they’re from. I’d be totally cool with anyone, no matter if they’re outgoing or even shy. I want to meet new people from all over the U.S or even the world. I’d prefer to get to know you through email before snail mail for at least a little while, though knowing you through tumblr or email would be fine too 🙂

My tumblr is http://caddowen.tumblr.com/ 

and my email is caddowenmail@gmail.com

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