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Ciao! Sono Rayne. Vengo de Texas, USA. Ho 15 anni.(im almost 16!) Sono femmina. Sono un leo sole, un leo luna, e un virgo ascendente.  Vivo en austin, texas. Austin è una città che amano musica e cibo buono. Io parlo italiano, inglese, e spagnolo. Io imparo italiano e voglio una amica che posso parlare en italiano. Mi piace musica come Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Sky Ferreira, Minature Tigers, e molti altri. Mi piace imparare, viaggiare, e  ballare, sono una ballerina. Me amo caffè macchiato e gnocchi.  Io voglio un pen pal parla italiano. Grazie~

Hello! They are Rayne. I come of Texas, USA. I’m 15 years old. (Im almost 16!) Are female. I am a leo sun, leo moon, and a virgo ascendant. Vivo en austin, texas. Austin is a city that loves music and good food. I speak Italian, English, and Spanish. I learn Italian and I want a friend who can speak en Italian. I like music as Nicki Minaj, Fall Out Boy, The Weeknd, Tove Lo, Sky Ferreira, Minature Tigers, and many others. I like learning, traveling, and dancing, are a dancer. I love coffee stained and dumplings. I want a pen pal speaks Italian. thanks ~

    Hi! Sorry for the bad italian, im still learning. Im looking for a penpal of any gender, but under 18, per favore. I want a pen pal that i can speak italian with so that i can improve. Sorry but im only looking to be internet friends, no snail mail! Thank you a ton!

Kik messenger: @ blackkitteycat 

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  1. Hey,I’m a Chinese girl from Luoyang which is famous for its peony.
    I’m 17,you know in China,college entrance exam is very important.I have just finished it and my daddy gave me a notebook computer.OH ,IT IS BRILLIANT! You know ,I’m a outgoing girl too! So I would love to find a pen pal like you,I will introduce you some interesting things in our beautiful city and you know China is also a wonderful country.
    Looking forward to your reply!

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