Hello! I’m Katy-Jane! I’m 15 from the UK and I’m looking for a penpal/tumblr friend between the age of 15-17

I’m not at all good with languages (I’m more of an artsie person) so it would be a great help if you spoke English (I can attempt German, Spannish and Frence but it’s awful…)

Like I said, I’m an artsie person so don’t hesitate to ask me to draw you things! If we get along really well I’ll probably draw for you all the time without you asking

I really love to read and go out and explore the world and take cute photos and all that cute stuff, but I also love bands such as Pierce the Veil, Suiside Silence, Green Day, Bring Me The Horizion and many many more :’) 

I have a pet cat and I also have dogs

I’m straight but I support every sexuality and gender and I’ll never judge you so don’t worry about that! 

You can talk to me via fan mail on my tumblr
or you can message me through my email rawrkaty101 @ gmail. com

Hope to talk to you soon! 😀

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