After reading the FAQ and reading countless ads im now going to do one myself.

Hi, I’m Angel I’m 21 male currently in California, USA

I’m easy going considerate, greaful, and have been considered a safe haven, a safe place with legs. I pride myself on being a person whom anyone could go to for anything. No mater what the issue is or where you’ve been or who you used to be. I’m extremely open minded and understanding. I’ve re-typed this at least 7 times so I’m not going to give to much away. I’m very open, I’m a hopelessromantic, I’m a musician (there’s alot to be discussed within the depths of my music side) I love cats, i enjoy the outdoors. I’m really blunt and straight forward when. I am not A grammar nazi. Human error it’s what makes us us.

Some negative:

I over think Everything (Example I’ve re-read all of this at least 4 times…) I hold in a lot, I’m to understanding sometimes (so I guess that wouldn’t be a negative for you but for me) I can be pessimistic. Sympathy isn’t me. I can a have a rough humor. I curse. I can go on and on about my negatives.

Looking for Someone that’s understanding, Open minded, open to debate! (Perferably someone who has art in their blood. Writer, musician, painter ect.) im not picky. Gender doesn’t mater.

You can be:

  • Feminists 
  • Straight edge 
  • Vegan 
  • Vegetarian 
  • Trans 
  • Asexual
  • again safe haven!

I am open to snail mail (never done it before would love to tho) email (something more then tumblr would be rad) We can send each other packages, art pieces whatever!

REALLY QUICK Dislikes: Ignorance Stubbornness Hot heads Chewing with your mouth open Mean people Bully’s People who are inconsiderate Radical anything

Hope I nailed it.
Fill free to message my tumblr!

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