Name: Betsy (but seriously feel free to call me anything as long as its not rude i hate my name)

Location: Texas, USA

Age: 20 (21 in May)

Likes: Crafts, dancing, singing, playing piano, flute, guitar and more, skyping friends, video games. 
Dislikes: People who judge you for ANYTHING -nobody is perfect-, people who cant be serious at least once in their life, talking bad about others. 

I’m looking for snail mail BUT im also looking for someone to be close friends with and possibly skype with! ^.^ Would love to have a good friend. 

As for snail mail, preferably someone in the USA
since postage is pretty expensive here 😛 Someone who replies back. 
Age doesnt matter, if it’s for skype min. age is 17. 


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