Age21 years old 

LocationPennsylvania , USA

Likes: I love reading (Mystery novels – mostly Stephen King, and Romance novels), I love romance and horror films, animals are my favorite ( I have 4 – 3 cats and 1 dog), color : lime green, and Art (all mediums). 

Dislikes: Discrimination, bullying of any kind. I hate the fact that I’m lactose intolerant and I love everything dairy! 

Looking for: Pen pals who are 18+, but location does not matter. 

What you can expect from me: I would want someone who I can send gifts to and receive gifts from, and who I could talk to about anything, and who would want to get to know me to become comfortable talking to me about anything. 

Fun Fact: I’ve played softball for 14+ years, and I have sprained both of my knees 5+ times each. You can say that I’m somewhat of a clutz! 

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