Hi all, and greetings from the Bay State! (Massachusetts, USA).  My name is Briana, and I am 19 years old (still thinking I’m 15).  I am a psychology major, entering my second year of college!  I am resubmitting because I have a few penpals from Europe, but now I would lovelovelove some from America (because postage is cheaper, and it would be a nice change c:).  

I love Doctor Who, plants, nice smelling lotions, collecting elephants, finding new recipes for baking and cooking, and antique stores.  I like to describe myself as a nice person (not wanting to toot my own horn), but I feel like everyone deserves to be treating with kindness.  

I am looking for a penpal from America, and if anyone from Europe would like to exchange e-mails, that would be fantastic!  My ideal age is probably 16-25, and gender, sexuality, religion, etc does not matter c:  I look forward to speaking to some of you, have a good day!

E-mail: B_Elizabeth_R @

fun facts:  I started a book club at school, and I am a certified nursing assistant!

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