Name: Aimeé (It’s in Spanish) 

Age: 17 (Soon to be 18) 

Location: Puerto Rico (It’s in the Caribbean)

Likes: I am a huge musical theatre geek. It is my major now in university. I love reading (Harry Potter, The Book Theif, Percy Jackson, Gallager Girls, Isabel Allende, etc). I love comedies and action films. I love music (Ivan & Alyosha, decades music, Michael Jackson, etc). I LOVE history. It was my favorite class in High school. I love learning about different cultures and sharing my own. I love learning random facts. I am huge Ballet enthusiast I love and I watch it all the time. My favorite musicals are Phantom of the Opera, In the Heights, The Producers, and South Pacific. 

Dislikes: Discrimination 

Expectations: I would like for my penpal to be in the 16-22 range. Someone from the other side of the world. I want someone who shares their culture with me and if they are artistic they can share their art with me (I like seeing Photography & Art, I’m not good at it though). 

Expected: Someone you can talk to about anything! 😀 Sometimes you may receive artistic things. 

You can contact me at my email aimnair @ gmail. com 
or my tumblr 

Random Fact: The ‘taday’ in my url is from a hilarious moment in my life. If you want to know what happened you’re gonna have to message me 🙂

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