Hello, Ok my name is Alondra G. and my location Mexico, (actually Mexico City)

I look for an email pal, because I’ve never tried snail mail or those weird things. And also I wanna say that probably it is just PROBABLY (I still don’t know) I’ll study in the US. So I speak spanish and english. I’m learning japanese. But that’s rather a dumb fact. I’ll be majoring in Mathematics. And above all I wanna say: FORGIVE MY GRAMMAR MISTAKES I’M A SPANISH NATIVE SO LET IT PASS DUDE.


  • The Walking Dead actually I just watched until the third season.
  • Books, I mostly read novels. I obviously read Harry Potter, books of Jules Vern, and so. I really don’t remember more ):
  • Netflix, although I wanna say that I’ve seen lots and lots of movies, saying that is never enough.
  • I love cats, even though I have a dog that’s very annoying.
  • I like an love PIZZA I would marry a pepperoni pizza if I could.
  • I love the cream frapp of vainilla in Starbucks.


  • I am a lactose intolerant, and when I say that my passion is PIZZA is because even though it hurts me I love it!
  • People who say they are going to do something and in the very end, the cancel or anything. I mean that their word is not worthy.
  • Twitter, it is weird but I just dunno how to use it. (Or ignore how)
  • I dislike shoes that make me show my toes, I find it terrifying ‘cause, my toes are ugly.

So in the end a FUN FACT: I have fell from two floors and without any scratch. And also when I played soccer for the first times, I fell and had this awful wounds in my knees. Hahahaha weird.

Contact me through: alondraguga @ gmail .com

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