My name is Kathryn and I live in a small town (in the U.S.) in the middle of nowhere. I’ll be 23 this year and I’m still trying to finish up my bachelor’s degree in Art History and maybe someday I hope to get my master’s as well. I love history and reading and writing and post it notes…and I’m completely obsessed with orca whales. A couple of my favorite TV shows include: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Gilmore Girls and Supernatural. Books: A Wild Sheep Chase (and anything else by Haruki Murakami), Till We Have Faces, The Hobbit, Gone With The Wind, Wuthering Heights and much more. My dream is to be able to travel someday and experience things I’ve only ever read about. I have three cats and a dog, all of which I love unconditionally. I work in a small ceramic art studio in town; I get to teach several art classes including canvas painting, stoneware, sculpting, warm glass and silkscreen! I love my job because it is a ton of crazy fun everyday and I get to make a mess and teach others how to create beautiful pieces of art they will have forever! I love sitting outside on the back step with a glass of wine in the late afternoon watching summer storms roll in. I love waking up each morning to a cup of tea. And I love gardening. I am looking for someone to write back and forth to and maybe exchange small gifts(snail mail preferred)  but I’m not interested in something flakey. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female but preferably around the same age. If you are interested I would love to hear from you! 

You can email me at k80bug16@yahoo.com 

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