Hi! My name is Sofia, 18 years old. I live in a really small country in Italy.

I spent most of my time reading, watching tv series (as The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, How to get away with murderer, Sherlock BBC and so on) writing practically every single thought that cross my mind, making photos, listening to music (bands as Black Veil Bride, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, Aerosmith) or just watching the ceiling while I’m thinking. 

I would like to became a writer or a director or a photographer in my future, even thought they are considered “useless job” by my parents. My big problem is that I start everything really enthusiastically and than I leave the project, so I don’t know, may be tomorrow I will dream to become lawyer. Everything is possible.

However now my dream is to earn enough money to travel all around the world, meeting new friends, doing a lot of photos or just enjoying my life. (I know it’s difficult, or worst impossible). May be one day we can go somewhere together! 

I’m looking for a pen pal from 18 to 25/26, it’s not really a problem the genre (but i really prefer someone open-minded and a bit crazy as I am). I prefer someone from America, Australia, England or in any case someone who speak English. (I speak French and German too, but not good enough, so if you speak this language and contact me, prepare yourself for big mistakes – even worst than the one I do in English) We can use email/snail mail, but also speaking on Skype. I would really like to start a long and strong friendship!

You can contact me on my e-mail: soluce9702@gmail.com 

or on my blog ( please don’t judge it, I new at all this!)                        http://sophia-luce.tumblr.com/

See you soon!

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