Hi! My name is Nerea, i’m 16 years old (turning 17 soon), and I live in Connecticut.

I really like art, writing, cute animals, music, vinyl records, tea, fashion, tv shows, movies, social justice, and ancient history. I really want to be able to do a lot of traveling in my life, and I’m really interested in other countries, cultures, and even just other states!! You can find out more interesting and specific things like likes/dislikes/etc. on the “about me” page of my blog. 

My perfect pen pal would be someone who has common interests with me, speaks English (I’m sorry I’m bad at learning other languages!!), and would be interested in sending letters, pictures, post cards, or maybe even packages?? I’m really open to all genders and countries, as long as you want to write…I’m here! 

I want pen pals because I miss having a pen pal!! My friend in college went studying abroad and sent me post cards, pictures, money, and just other little things from all the countries she went to, and I loved it. Then, when my cousin was in training for the army, we sent letters and I would send care packages and I loved it. I just realized I loved doing that kinda stuff. So, yeah. 

Here are some links to my blog, a bio/q&a thingy about me, and my tags I keep constant in my posts on my blog that are mainly just things I like and stuff: my tumblr, about me, my blog tags.

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