Hi Guys, 

       My name is Katelyn but I prefer to go by Lynn. I’m a 15 year old Croatian- American living in North Carolina and soon to be moving to Florida in the summer.
     Anyhow, I need a pen pal who is patient. I need a pen pal whom I can get comfortable with and talk like a normal teen instead of like writing a college essay. I would like someone who lives outside of America because I like learning about different cultures. I never judge anybody because I know that not everybody has the same definition of perfect. I also am happy to help any one who has English as their 2nd language. Here’s a list of things that I like.

  • video games (MMOs, FP shooter, sand-box games, and RPGs)
  • YouTube (Pewds, Martzia, GMM, and more)
  • Sherlock
  • Learning about different cultures
  • Fun Facts 
  • Law and order: SVU 
  • Reading, Drawing, and Writing
  • Pit bulls and Pug dogs 
  • The color Pink and anything that sparkles
  • Fashion and makeup (I plan to major in Fashion design and merchandising)

   I can also mail things occasionally as long as the packages aren’t too big! I especially love postcards from anywhere and anyone. Just tell me if you have something and I’ll give you my address as soon as I buy something in return for you. (p.s I love homemade gifts too!)

Things we can mail to each other
  -Small Trinkets

                                                   I hope to talk to you soon!


Kik- Lynniedear
Instagram- Lynniedear

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