Hello everybody, my name is Francesca and I’m proud to be Italian! Or maybe not, who knows… I’m 17 years old and I will turn 18 in July. I live in a small country near Ravenna.

I love acting: my dream is becoming an actress! I have other hobbies, but not so… I don’t know how I can say… important… Well, I like drawing, cosplaying, watching movies, anime and tv series. My favourite one is Doctor Who (I cosplayed Eleventh), but I like also Once Upon A Time, Sherlock BBC and American Horror Story. I’m not an expert of these series, I don’t know the news and every details, I only watch them and say “Wow, this is amazing!” and fangirl on it as if there was no tomorrow. I read sometimes, I mean, I like reading, but I’m really really slow to finish a book. My favourite book is The name of the rose. I like history, especially the Middle Ages! I’m an inquiring person, I like learning something new, but this doesn’t mean I’m good at school because not, I’m not a shining star… I don’t listen a specific kind of music, I listen songs. 

My perfect pen pal should be someone who it’s ready to listen all the bizarre things in my life. My pen pal should find this biography of his/her taste and send me a few words here: http://teal–eyes.tumblr.com/. I don’t use to introduce myself like this so maybe I could have forgotten something. It doesn’t matter if my pen pal is a boy or a girl, maybe I could find both, a boy and a girl, but not more than two. I prefer him/her around 18, my same age, who always writes me via email in English, but English must be his/her mother language.

How would it be beautiful travel all around the world? A dream.

See you soon!

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