Name: Brogan


Country: UK

Gender: Female

Languages: English/ little French.
Interest/hobbies: I’m a trampolinist, I love taking walks along the beach and in the country side. If I could spend all day
reading books in a quiet place where no one could find me I would. I drink great amounts of tea. I also spend a lot of time watching tv series on Netflix.

Personal message: Hi I’m Brogan I live by the sea in a small town in England. I’m looking to learn about different people and the way they live. I’m quite independent and don’t like to rely on anyone. I love to learn about everything and anything and I hope one day to become a criminal lawyer but until then I’ll stick with my job at the opera house:)

Contact Info- please email me at or message me on here!¡

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-

Countries- I would love to meet someone from America/France/Italy. But I’m not overly fussed even if you’re from England!

Gender- Male or Female I’m not fussed!

Age group- between 15-20

Languages- English

Snail Mail, email or both- I wouldn’t mind either although snail mail would be extra fab!

Anything else- I’m looking to find a long term friend who I can share stuff with and maybe even send stuff to, not just a few longs then no communication again!

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