Hello! My name is Kelly, and I live in between Missouri and North Carolina, U.S.A., although I will be permanently moving to NC in a month. 

I am looking for a penpal overseas whom I may connect with about literature, fashion, cute things, Korean Dramas, animals, nature, the list goes on. I am open to communicating about any and all interests! I also would be willing to send little gifts from time to time. I think they’re fun and speak about different cultures!

I am currently an Art History and English major and am a volunteer writer. My favorite literature includes 19th century European and American literature and poetry.

I am please looking for one main person to connect with. I am twenty-one (21) and would prefer a female penpal. I would especially love to write with someone from Russia, South Korea, or Japan. Please feel free to message me through private messaging here on Tumblr. 


A random fact about me? I collect 19th century photographs and have a huge interest in post-mortem photography.

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