Hello Everyone! Just like you I am in search of a penpal!

Hello everyone! My name is Erica, I am 18 and reside in Florida. I am looking for a penpal who will reply to when letters start getting sent, too many times have I sent a letter and got no response. I am also looking for someone who I can send little trinkets, and maybe do a candy swap with if you’re from another country! I’ve done it loads of times before and loved getting sweets from different countries, its amazing to see the differences in ones culture and the types of candy or sweets that are made. I also would love sending pictures here and there! I am very easy going, and love to chat, I think having a penpal is a lovely way to just talk about things you don’t think you could tell your family, friends, or even lovers. If you feel as though I could be someone you would love to talk to, please shoot me a message on my tumblr, of course if you message me on anon, then I am going to have no idea who you are, and I may not even take the time to respond. 

You can catch me here: http://faeries-on-acidd.tumblr.com/ask

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