Name: Becca

Age: 25

Country: Maine, USA

About Me: I’m currently a geology student finishing up my degree in the next year.  I’m a bit of a nerd, and fairly quiet in person. When not in school I spend the rest of my time, working, reading, playing with my dogs, watching Netflix, and sleeping.

Likes: As a geology student I do enjoy collecting interesting rocks and minerals, however I also enjoy tea, cooking & baking, reading, comics (I’m currently enjoying Ms. Marvel as well as Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye), all things science, cycling, Netflix, music, movies, my dogs, and I dabble in photography. 

*I enjoy most movies, except horror, and I’m pretty much open to all types of music; my tastes have varied widely over the years so I enjoy a hodgepodge of genres.

I’m looking for pen pals who are looking to write via snail mail, as I feel like it would be a fun, personal way to get to know each other, and maybe occasionally send small packages. I’d prefer writing with someone between the ages of 20-30; anywhere in the world is fine by me.

Random fact: When I was little, i used to collect marbles

You can reach me through my tumblr:

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