My name is Katie, I live in the USA, specifically Kentucky. I’ll be 16 next month. I’m a girl and I aspire to live in New York City. I speak English and basic French, but only like how are you and where do you live, nothing deep lol. I would upload a picture of myself but I am on mobile and idk how to do that on mobile, but my Twitter & Tumblr profile pictures are me. 🙂

I like cats, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, reading, Harry Potter, shopping, texting, One Direction, Theory of a Deadman, High School Musical, Taylor Swift, vegetable soup, and lots more. I’m very open-minded and liberal so I have a tendency to get along better with people with the same mindset but I do have friends who are not, so it’s ok if youre not, I won’t mind.

My perfect penpal is just somebody who is kind and enjoys talking about anything. Would love to wifi with you if you have AC:NL. Not sure what I want to do or be so if you enjoy talking about the future, I would love that.
I can’t do snail mail, but I can e-mail, snapchat, text after a while, KIK message.

My Tumblr is
My Twitter is @katiecartwrigh

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