Howdy dowdy ^-^

My name is Magdalena (friends usually call me Maggie or Lena)

I am 15, turning 16 in the beginning of June and i am from sunshiny (not so much) place called Bulgaria. Supposedly here we have very pretty people and nature.

I speak Bulgarian, English and very poor Italian (almost non existent i would say)

I like books, poetry and art in all its forms. I like tea and things tasting or smelling of peaches. I like writing and drawing and i’m studying in an art school with classical ballet, following the hard path of a ballerina (Very bloody, sweaty and painful path that is. Not for people with weak hearts and sensitive noses xD) I love rolling around in the first green grass in spring and my favorite flowers are sunflowers and oleanders.  I hate orange and like icy blue and lilac and goddess how i despise orange/lemon flavored things!

For me the perfect pen pal would be someone i can talk to about everything. Someone to whom i can send goofy letters about how my bruises look like ladybugs crawling up my legs and at the same time completely serious ones about books and poetry. Race, age, sexuality and personal beliefs don’t bother me, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody and the person is not homophobic and or pushing his/her beliefs onto me. 

My email is

Kik is BackstageBambi 

And Tumblr is murderingmysanity

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