I’m Noemi and i am 23 and im from South Florida, USA. I have been here most of my life. Looking for snail mail or even email. 

I work mostly, and i get to talk to WONDERFUL customers all day, while they complain about internet and cable :D. 

I have a weird sense of humor that a lot of people do not understand until i feel comfortable enough to to show them. I am a bit on the weird side, mostly because what i take an interest in. And i think thats why i want to go to school and major in physcology. Its interesting to see why people do what they do. Why they do it. What they thought. What made them. And how did they get to this point in their life.

I would actually like to work with the offenders in prison. More of a social worker behind bars… So to speak. 

Well, i don’t care for the gender of my penpal. The age? 26 is as much as i feel comfortable with. I’m looking for someone that i can have a never ending conversation with, someone who is interested in things or can talk about things that make me think and to open my mind a bit more.

 Oh, i dod read that part about a random fact. Only thing i can think of is… I know every word to The Little Rascals. That is why i have to watch it alone. I annoy everyone! Well email me.

You can contact me at:
Latinamamis 33064 @ gmail . com

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