Name: Sarah

Age: 25

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Like: Art. Movies. Music. T.V. Hikes.Swimming. Water. Nature. Crafts. Friends. Family. Animals. Catperson. Learning. Horror. Halloween. Equality for all people.

Dislike: Homophobia. Racism. Bullying. CyberBullying. RealViolence. Spiders/Bugs. 

I’m just looking for someone to talk to. I’m currently off work going through therapy for BPD and Anxiety and Depression. I’m on the road to ‘recovery’. I’m very open-minded, and would hope that my pen pal would be too. Just someone to share stories and experiences with. Someone to write too because it’s always a joy from hearing from them. I’m open to making parcels full of fun trinkets and stuff to share with others across the country. I’m pro-marijuana, and pro-choice. I will not put your beliefs down if you don’t put mine down. Respect for respect. Right? =)

I also would prefer strictly Pen Pal Snail Mail. I find it a lot of fun, and more personalized. 

I don’t mind being the first to write, or to receive. It’s all up to you! =)

Looking for someone between the ages of 20 and 40. Preferably women, but am open to pretty much anyone. Big supporter of gays/transgender/bisexual/etc. So if you are a trans man or trans woman, don’t be afraid to contact me. I’ll love you either way! =)

How to get a hold of me?
My tumblr is
or my e-mail: OctoberLove_1989 @

Random Fact about Me: I can crack an egg with one hand. 

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