Looking for a Snail Mail Pal and internet friends!


Hello I’m Samii! Pics of me here 18 (19 in Sept) Engaged to Forrest! From NoVA! I speak a little bit of Dutch/German aswell and Sign(ASL) a little!

I’m looking for a snail mail pal and internet friends! Only girls tho. Message me on TUMBLR and it’ll go from there!No hate please it’ll just get deleted 🙂 If your free reight now go on over and message me I don’t bite! I’m really nice and have a great personality! 

My interests include: Jesus (Will not push that on to you), Antiques, Country & Indie & 80s, 50s, 40s, 20s music, reading,WWE, shopping, VS Pink, snail mail, relaxing, the beach and so much more!!

My Tumblr is: 


My Instas’:


FuckYeahWWE(For WWE lovers like myself, also I’m mostly on this one right now :)]

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