Name: Kailey
Age: 20 (21 in June)
Country: US
Gender: Female
Languages: English 
Interests/Hobbies: Photography, Film, arts & crafts, reading,  gaming, lounging around watching Mad Men all day.. you know, the usual. 
Personal message: I have multiple pen pals right now who I love writing every month but I would love to have more long term pen pals like the ones I have now! Obviously you don’t have to like the things I like, it’s just a great thing to talk to people around the world! As long as you’re kind and caring that’s all that matters to me. 
Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Anywhere but the US. 
Gender: Female
Age group: Any age!
Languages: Any language! 
Email, snail mail or both: Snail mail of course! 
Anything else: After I get to know you and what you like, I like to send little packages here and there! Long term pen pals are what i’m looking for 🙂

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