Well hello wonderful world


Hey there beautiful people! 

Well I kind of finally realized why I was getting only notes not replies, I forgot to add my email address so here is the same ad with my email.Sorry I"m not usually this forgetful.

I’m Rose or Rosie! I am 15 years old from Australia. I have put an ad up before and had one or two wonderful responses and am looking for maybe one or two more.

Things I love,

– Flora, I am a lover of the floral arts and creating little bundles or herbs. Finding out there uses and well making things beautiful.

– Music, I love classic songs from every era. From Bob Dylan to arctic monkeys to the Beatles.

– Thrifting, only if it was a career..then my life would be complete.

– Collecting beauty products, scrubs,creams, powders..

– and creating arty things, watercolors or collages or sculptures.

The question of my perfect pen pal would be from the UK or Australia so then we may be able to meet some and end up at a cafe drinking warm drinks. My pen pal would be happy to talk to me most day and would love large stamp covered ribbon wrapped parcels. 

my email is rosecolouredbelles@gmail.com

Looking forward to many long letter nights 

Rosie xx

p.s I don’t know how to add a photo without deleting my caption? but if it makes you more comfortable I could always send you one.

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