Cute Letters & Things


Hello there. My name is Rose, I’m currently twenty-six, and I’m from Ontario, Canada.

I’m looking for someone to send cute snail mail to, willing to talk about anything from interest to culture and everything in between. I’m also trying to learn Japanese, so if anyone can help with that, that would be great. I need you to know enough english for us to communicate, but other than that, I’m easy.

Likes: books (a lot of teen fiction and comics/manga), asian food (all of it, Japanese, Korean, Thai, etc,.), cooking, strawberries, zombies, plushies, cute things, all kinds of music, my bed, fairytales, flowers, tea, animals, pagan things, body acceptance.

Dislikes: spiders, bugs with to many legs, close minded people, peas.

Random Fact: I know a lot of Chuck Norris jokes.

You can send a message if you’re interested to my tumblr account 
or email me at beautifully.chaotic.rose @ gmail .com

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