Hi! My name is Sophie and I’m 17 from Northern Ireland, UK. 

I’d really like to find a pen pal to exchange snail mail with and send little gifts every now and then. I’m totally cool with sending emails too, though!

Likes: marvel/DC, books (recommendations would be great!), gardening, knitting, writing, astrology, tea, long drives, art, naps, sunsets, gemstones, cardigans, candles, stickers, photography (i’m currently without a camera because i’m saving for a new one, but i’d love to see any photos you’ve taken!)

Dislikes: sexism/racism/homophobia, scratchy clothes, public buses, early mornings

Fun fact: every so often i get the bizarre idea that i can cut my own hair, it never ends well

What I’m Looking For: any gender or sexuality, any country (although i only speak english), any age as long as it’s around my own, as long as you’re a nice person we will get along!

email- sophiee.rood @

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