Friend Wanted ^-^


So I really have no idea what I’m doing… Should I just tell you a bit about myself? I guess I should. Well, my name is Mackenzie but I hate my name so you can call me Mac or Kenzie :p I’m from the U.S. and I love music, art (preferably abstract), travel, and photography. sooo yeahh…

Perfect penpal: I prefer guys just cause I think that they can be easier to talk to at times but girls are chill too (: I’ll probably be somewhat awkward at the beginning but I love people whom you can have really deep conversations with about just like anything and everything. I would prefer if you lived out of the country but people in other states are cool too c:

so just like email me or Kik me whenever ^-^

email~ kenzierowen
Kik~ kenzierowen

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