Name: Shanice Amber Cogswell
Age: 19
Country: Australia
Gender: I mostly identify as female, but am gender-fluid.
Languages: Just English

Interests/Hobbies: Art (I draw a lot), zines, comics (in particular Saga, Ghost World, Hole, and Hellboy), cooking, DDR, photography (I also take a lot of photos), cinema (some of my favourite films being Spirited Away, Pan’s Labyrinth, Napoleon Dynamite, Shortbus, Only Lovers Left Alive, Baraka, The Princess Bride, and the 2001 animated version of Metropolis), music (some of my favourite bands/musicians are Nick Cave, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, Aphex Twin, Bjork, Massive Attack, Bridezilla, Silverchair, and Now Now), alternative fashion, playing the ukulele and accordion (I’d also really like to learn to play cello), gardening and plants, and embroidery and crafting in general.

Personal message: I’m a vegetarian feminist with intense anxiety, a condition that very much controls my life at this point in time (though I’m working on it). I absolutely love sending and receiving mail. I make all of my envelopes by hand and enjoy drawing all over them. There are some photos on my blog if you’d like to have a look.

Contact info (email or Tumblr):

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Anywhere
Gender: No preference
Age group: Preferably 18 and up but that’s not super strict. If you’re under 18 and like my profile please don’t be put off.
Languages: English
Email, snail mail or both: Snail mail
Anything else: Someone who likes sending and receiving personalised envelopes and the occasional pressed flower or other small gift. When I’m not writing on my typewriter, it’s with my cursive handwriting, so also someone who’s comfortable with old-style handwriting.

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