Hello there lovelies.

My name’s Elodie, i’m 16 (17 in sept) and i’m from France

I don’t have an exact type of penpal, i just want to discover new people and just have fun, basically.

Let me introduce yourself ha. I’d describe myself as a very happy person, i barely get mad, i just think life is wayyy too short to be wasted being sad haha. I enjoy the little things and random talks. I’m taking economic and social studies.

I am interested in music, actually i play the guitar, i’ve learnt on my own and i know my english isn’t perfect but hey i’m still learning haha. 

Travelling is my second main interest. And i’ve been lucky to experience a lot of these in the past three years like the USA, Portugal, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands just to mention some.

If anyone wants to know, i like All Time Low like future hearts is my new religion, this album is pure gold. I also like Fall Out Boy, 5 seconds of summer, od, Taylor Swift, The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf. I’m pretty basic actually 🙁

I’m taking spanish and english at school. But tbh i really suck at spanish, all i can say is Hola and tengo hambre. and english… well let’s say english lessons aren’t very helpful, i got to learn english 10% at school, 50% on twitter, 40% watching interviews and series.

I met my bestfriend on the internet, and thats when i found out our soulmates aren’t always right next to you. (that was a useless fact sorry)

Alriiiiiight i don’t know what else to say. i tried to look cool.

If ya wanna talk with me, my twitter is @elodiebtgm or you can inbox me. tbh i’m quite new is this tumblr thing, i am still learninnnnnggg

sending positive vibes from the not that sunny france 🙂

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