Hello!! My name is Kayla, I’m a 17 year old girl, obviously. I live in the United States, California. 

I’ve always wanted to have a friend to write letters to. So i’s prefer a penpal to snail mail with. Any age really I don’t mind a young, or old friend, or someone my age. Male or female, or even gender neutral, of course. And I figured I’d give this blog a try. Well, here I go.

I’ve always been real into
science, and phycology, and life itself. I like to hear and discuss theories. I’m into learning about the government, and religion too. I don’t have a religion myself, but i love to hear about others beliefs. But that’s my more serious side. I’m also a really spiritual person. I’m friends with the tree’s and I believe in the universe. I go to the stars for advice with my life. I hope this doesn’t scare anyone away. I’m a pretty down to earth girl. I do not judge. I’m very well rounded. I love art. All forms of it, I love to paint, I love to sketch, I love poems, and I love books. Also, movies. I’m not really one for small talk. It makes me uncomfortable. I love getting deep, and personal. Not that I would rush you beyond your limits. But I am a person that you can open up to, and i will for sure not judge you. Well i don’t know if this is longer than it should be, or if it’s short, but i’ll end it here. 

You can contact me here at my blog,

Or here at my email, ppersonal.eemail @ yahoo  .com

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