Hi I’m Rav, 20 year old female from the UK. 

I’ve always wanted a pen pal/international friend to really get to know and be able to share a close bond with.. 

About me: 

I’m currently in university studying Nursing, would love to travel the world someday but alas my life rotates around university and work, I’m a big music fan (RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Garage, Drum n Bass, House, Rock, Pop) and I love unwinding on the weekends with a couple drinks. ;D 

Anyone that’s interested in talking, making a new friend can email me and we could continue on there or take it to snail mail, honestly I feel like our generation doesn’t appreciate the feeling of receiving a letter in the post! As much as I love technology, it really has taken away all the excitement hearing from a friend. 

Email me:      Rav.Khosa @ Hotmail . co . uk

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