Name: Kia 🙂

Age: 16

Country: USA

Hi! My names Kia, Im currently a sophomore in High School, I only have about 4 to 5 friends at my school, so i would absolutely love to find new friends! I want someone I can talk to about anything, no matter how weird or uncomfortable the subject maybe. I want someone I cant vent to. Im a very weird and sarcastic person, so Ill also need someone who could put up with me. Im kind of a hand full (SORRY!!) but i swear ill be the best penpal you could ever ask for!

My interests:

Skateboarding- I learned to skateboard around a year ago, so im fairly new to it, but i love it.

Any Style of Music- I basically enjoy any style of music: Pop, screamo, indie, country.

Hairstyling- I want to become a beautician when i get older, I just really love fixing other peoples hair, i love learning new ways to fix hair

Animals- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ANIMALS. I literally adore every kind of animal, whether it be a cat, dog, lizard, bird etc. 

Cooking- I love cooking, i love learning new recipes and cooking them for my family.

One of my biggest fears is losing my friends, i love to make new friends,  but losing them would absolutely kill me, so i want someone that will stick around for a long time.

Im kind of awkward in the beginning, but if you truly would like to be a friend of mine, and you actually want to stay friends, Ill come of my little awkward shell and i will be the weirdest person you could ever meet.

I want to learn alot about you; your culture, your outlook on life, 

If you want to be my penpal ( and i hope you do), you can follow me on my social media accounts;

Tumblr- sociallyawkward1998

Instagram- kiacheyenne_20

kik- kia_cheyenne

snapchat- kiacartercx

Thanks for reading this! I love you all!

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