Hi! I am looking for pen pals or postcard buddies or email buddies.

I don’t have any fancy stationery and sometimes I write back very late (I will try to change that). But I love listening to stories (well reading) and I love to tell a few myself. I also want to start a collection of postcard from literally the whole world.

So, if you can help me with my collection or you want to talk to someone or you’re just bored. Leave me a message in my inbox, tumblr:

Name: Andrea (you can call me Andee)

Location: New Zealand

Age: 21 (turning 22, eww!)

Likes: Everything: reading, trying to be artsy and crafty, cute things, etc.
Dislikes: I don’t know yet, I don’t have a list for that.

What am I looking for: I really want to get postcards from everywhere so if you’re from another country aside from New Zealand. I don’t care much about age as long as your friendly and you have stories to tell or talents to share and willing to send me postcards. Everyone are welcome! (spoken with good intentions)

Contact me on my tumblr: 

(I allow anons so you can leave your emails there)

Random fact: Hmmm… I love tea!

My face is in my account

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