Looking for someone to send letters in Esperanto/English with


Saluton! My name is Livi, I am 14 years old, and I am from Colorado, USA.

I am currently learning Spanish, Esperanto, Dutch, and American Sign Language. My native language is English.

I am absolutely obsessed with Netflix’s Daredevil (From Marvel), and can’t wait to read the comics! Reading, music, herbalism, Star Trek, anime, manga, and Dungeons & Dragons are just some of the many things I like.
Fun fact: I hope to be a polyglot one day.

I am looking for someone to send snail mail letters with back and forth in Esperanto and/or English. Genders don’t matter, but I would prefer someone 13-15 years of age. You do not have to live outside of the United States.

Contact me through my language learning tumblr: lingvonstudento.tumblr.com
or through my email: fruktomilito @ gmail. com


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