i should probably say ive submitted an ad before, and i have been somewhat unreliable in the past due to unforeseen events in my life, but i assure everyone now that im 100% committed to making a friend and staying in touch with them

hi, im Lee, im 16, and  i live in Scotland, UK!

my interests include reading (a lot), watching netflix (shows like Orphan Black, Horrible Histories, Community, The Office, Death Note, ect), Harry Potter, Poetry, Psychology and Photography.
i like Fall Out Boy, Neutral Milk Hotel, Panic! At The Disco, Angel Haze, Childish Gambino, ect…

im looking for a friend who is 14-18, and i dont mind where you’re from. i look forward to hearing from people

(you should know, my tumblr theme sucks) 

contact info:
lisa.mckay1 @ hotmail.

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