Hiya! I’m Maya!


Pen Pal Thingy

Name: Maya

: 16

: USA, Eastern (for time zone)

Language: English, but learning Spanish

Likes: Writing, singing, video games, anything Marvel, sleeping, travel, music, FFA, animals, food, Legend of Zelda, attempting to learn languages, tattoos, and piercings.

: Judgmental people, racism, homophobia, forcing beliefs on others, carrots, and spiders

Small Bio:
A little about me. So my name is Maya, but people call me Maya-Papaya and I’m 16. I’m pretty much high off of like. For the most part I’m always happy and I love making others happy. I love talking to people and I have been referred to as a social butterfly. I love encouraging people and listening to their problems to help. I love animals. Animals are life and so is writing. Well, I think that’s about it. Thanks so much! 

What I’m looking for:

  • Age: 15-20
  • Gender: Any
  • Language: Preferably English, but I guess I could learn
  • Country: I’d really like someone from France, Russia, Spain, Greece, but I’m down with anyone!
  • Likes: Hopefully we have some of the same interest
  • Dislikes: Whatever you dislike 
  • Someone who doesn’t invent themselves, be honest with me, please.

If you wanna chat, email me at:

dowhatyouwant403 @ gmail. com
Or my tumblr:


P.S mlp are my initials, not my little pony

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