Name: Taylor

Age: 19

Location: western Michigan, USA

I went through here a long time ago when I had a different URL. I had three responses last time and I sent one letter and the other two were going to send their first letter and I never once got a reply from three of them. It was sad, but it’s been about a year now I want to try again. Also, I’m not including a photo this time, because I feel that people judge more by your face rather than what is in your ad when it comes to penpaling. 

I’m pretty boring, but fun?

I like reading, writing, dogs, travel, music, movies/tv, and food. Those are the main things that are currently involving my life besides school and work. 
I dislike ignorance, immaturity, selfishness, and egotistical people. That’s really it, I’m pretty chill with people.
I’m in college right now studying secondary education and history and I work at a local hardware store as a cashier.

I’m looking for female snail mail pen pals from the USA only between the age of 17 and 21. 

You can message me via my ask box, which I linked.

Random fact: I love to bullet journal and studyblr/studyspo is highly addicting. c: I’m a sationery addict.

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