Accio Penpals!


Hello! I’m Hailey. I’m 18, from the US (Arkansas, specifically).

I’m a fan of Harry Potter, Steven Universe, literature jokes, chocolate, some anime, Fall Out Boy, and Marvel.
I’m not a fan of spicy foods, Pete Wentz, discrimination, discrimination “excused” by religion, and spiders.

My life has kind of slowed down recently (no uni atm) and I figured picking up a few new penpals would be nice! 

I prefer to start out on Tumblr (where my username is
or by email (hmd_917 @ before snail mail. 

Though I would like to progress to that and small packages. I prefer any future snail mail buddies to be US residents, please (because broke uni student).

As a pen pal, you can expect lame jokes, possible nervousness in the beginning, lots of questions, pictures of my dog, laments about the people I work with, and gushing over anything that excited me.

So, if any of this is appealing, feel totally free to contact me!

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