Snail Mail Pen Pal :)


Name: Rachael

Location: Australia

Age: 20


  • Cheesy sayings,
  • Travel,
  • Meeting as many people as I can in this life time,
  • Learning something new,
  • Waterpolo,
  • Poetry,
  • Geeking out about tv shows,
  • I like to ask random questions just to see how people think so be prepared 😛


  • Forceful opinions,
  • Birds,
  • Open water swimming…..

Random fact:

  • I’m double jointed in 7 fingers,
  • I plan to move to England in a year an a half so that’ll be fun 🙂 
  • And I’m sort of crazy about my pet fish due to the fact it’s now been three years since I go them :3

Contact info:
pink.rachael @ hotmail .com

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