oh hello there!
so my name is alexandra and i’m a 15 years old russian girl who wants to practice her english and find some new friends.
i’m looking for someone who won’t judge me for my ridiculous selfies and grammar mistakes. i want an outgoing internet friend who won’t chat with me like “what’s up?/ where’re you from?/ how the day is going?”. so let’s act like we have already been friends for a while. let’s keep talking till the night, be honest with each other. oh we can also be pen pals, fox!

and I wish we had similar interests. it’s important though.
here’re some things that I find cool:
• impressionism; surrealism; love also independent and contemporary art
• music (don’t like hip-hop, pop or club music at all. sorry)
• shows (in the flesh, glee, shameless are particularly rad)
• books (bradberry, king, rowling)
• places (castles in europe, fields in provance, the usa towns, modern cities in asia, cold iceland and scandinavia)
• youtube

so if you’re a cool cat in the age of 15-16, connect me on tumblr though. then i will give my datas in other social networks (instagram, skype, email and etc)
tumblr: vamp-banquet

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